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Sensei Arcenio J. Advincula
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The following is a chronological listing of his credits:

1946  Began martial arts training in Escrima & Combat Judo.

1958  Began studying Isshin-ryu from Tatsuo Shimabuku on Okinawa.

1959  Gave first U.S.M.C. hand-to-hand combat class.

1960  Returned to Alaska and opened a dojo in Anchorage.

1961  Designed the first and only Tatsuo Shimabuku approved Isshin-ryu patch.

1961  Studied Hindiandi Gung Fu from Kang Kaneshiro on Okinawa.

1962  Studied Shorin-ryu from Segin Nagamine on Okinawa.

1963  Studied Goju-ryu from Kinei Nakasone & Masanobu Shinjo on Okinawa.

1975  Studied Kobudo in Ryu Kon Kai from Kotaro Iha on Okinawa.

1975  Studied Uechi-ryu from Kosuke Yonamine on Okinawa.

1981  Retired from U.S.M.C. as a MSgt. with 24 years of service.

1983  Made three Escrima videos for Panther Production Videos which are still available.

1986  Published author in Black Belt Magazine & Wholeheart News.

1987  Black Belt Magazine Co-instructor of the year with Ray Dalke.

1987-93 Body Management Coach of the San Diego Chargers (NFL) Football Team.

1992  Designed Fighting Knife (FleshEater) for knife maker, Jim Hammond.

1994  Interviewed by CNN as knife expert on O.J. Simpson case.

1994  FleshEater knife is mentioned in the novel THE RECKONING by James Byron Huggins.

1994-97 Conducted 4 Okinawan cultural martial arts tours.

1996  Established use of the vertical punch at U.S.M.C. Recruit Depot in San Diego, CA.

1996  Commemorated 50th anniversary in the martial arts.

1997  Marine Corps adopts rifle, bayonet/knife and close combat training.

* from Ole Miss Karate Club web site

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