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"Embusen" the line and path of Isshin-ryu kata
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Date:  Wed Jun 20, 2001  2:37 pm
Subject:  "Embusen" the line and path of Isshin-ryu kata
Kata Patterns - "Embusen"

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"Embusen" - is the path or line of movement of Kata.

With the exception of naihanchi kata, all Isshin-ryu kata start and end in the same point.

Embusen is important in kata because it keeps with the Oriental philosophy of beginning and ending. The old tombs of Okinawa are called turtle shell tombs because they resemble a turtle, but on closer examination they are suppose to represent the womb. Hitoshi explained this to several members on one of our tours to Okinawa. You are born from the womb and return to the womb. This can also be seen in the circle. Many times you see a sumi or black ink painting of a circle and this also represents beginning and end. So if you are looking for perfection, then beginning and ending are important.

All things being equal, the person closest to the start of his kata will win in a kata contest.

It is important to stay in your embusen in a dojo other wise you run into another practioner.

Embusen is the path or line of kata. Embusen on a highway is very important because if you don't follow the correct path or line of movement, or stay in your lane of traffic on a highway, guess what!

All styles or sensei do not teach embusen but it does exist.

To make it work, remember that all steps in kata are adjustable.

In the videos I show how embusen and with the exception of naihanchi kata start and end in the same spot. AJA



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