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"Intangible Cultural Asset"

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Date: Wed May 9, 2001 9:41 am
Subject: “Intangible Cultural Asset”

"Intangible Cultural Asset"

Japan and Okinawa and have a unique custom by making "Intangible Cultural Assets."

Grand Masters of Okinawa karate and Kobudo were recognized as "Intangible Cultural Assets" by the Okinawa Prefecture Board of Education last September, 2000.

"Living Intangible Cultural Assets"

Following are age, Ryuha, and primary Sensei of the Masters.

Miyahira Katsuya, age 81, Shorin-ryu (Choshin Chibana)
Nakazato Shugoro, age 79, Shorin-ryu (Choshin Chibana)
Nakazato Joen, age 78, of the Shorinji (Kyan Chotoku) *
Yagi Meitoku, age 88, Goju-ryu (Miyagi Chojun)
Iha Koushin, age 74, Goju-ryu
Wakugawa Kosei, age 74, Goju-ryu
Tomoyose Ryuko, age 78, Uechi-ryu
Itokazu Seiki from the Uechi Pan Gai Noon style was also awarded in 1997.

Nagamine Shoshin was made a "Living Intangible Cultural Asset" before he died on November 8,1997.Shoshin Nagamine, Age 90 when he died, Matsubayashi-ryu (Arakaki Ankichi)

* Nakazato Joen, began training with Kyan Chotoku in 1937 when he was 15 years old. He was a student at the Okinawa Prefecture Agricultural School which was then located at Kadena. Kyan went to teach at the school but on a few occasions Nakazato would go to Kyan's home to train. I went to interview Nakazatoe with Tokumura Kensho on January 27, 2001 and he said that while he did not train with Tatsuo because he was his senior, that he did see him train and study with Kyan at his home.

Nakazato said at the time all trained out doors in Kyan's yard. Nakazato said that Tatsuo was a very courteous sempai. He said he once saw Tatsuo in a demonstration in Naha drive a nail through a 2 x 4 piece of wood.

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