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Literal Translation of "Sunsu"
by AJA


Sunsu or Sunn nu su and what does it mean.

"Sun" means "Old Man" and is the Head Family Household name.
"Nu "means "of".
"Su" means "Father".
Sun Nu su means Father of the head house of Sun (Old man). Tatsuo's Grand father created a comedy eku dance he named Sunnusu. Tatsuo at one time was a tax collector for Chan Village. The Major of Chan, called Tatsuo "Sun nu su" after the dance his father created. This is where the nickname Sunsu came from. Sunsu is short for sunusu. Take out "nu" or "of" and you get Old man father. Old man is a term that is used in the Orient for a wise man. The older you are, in Asia it is a sign of wisdom. Lao tsu the author of the Tao Te Ching and other wise men were called the Old man.

Tatsuo's father name is Kama. He was called "Kama Su Chan", meaning "Father Kama of Chan (Village).

Tatsuo's Okinawan given name is kana and Tatsuo was also called Chan Kana meaning Kana of Chan (Village)

Sun nu su shortened is Sunsu
Shimabukuro shortened is Shimabuku
Chan nu Kana shortened is Chan Kana
Kyan Chotoku no sai shortened is Kyan no sai
Jimmy shortened is Jim
All the above are correct

When asked about the name Sunsu and because of Tatsuo's limited command of English, he would reply "Strong man". But when Ciso was asked this question he responded that his Great Grand Father was known for his strength and was a "Strong man".

So "Son of Old man is incorrect". Father of Old man (Head Household Name) is correct. That is the literal meaning but Sunsu was Tatsuo's nickname given to him from the Major of Chan Village from a dance Tatsuo's Grand father made which was a comedy Eku Dance which was his Grand Father performed in Chan Village.


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