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"All things begin with one"

The above statement was Shimabuku Tatsuo's reply when Kaneshi Eiko, one of Tatsuo's senior students, asked him why he was naming his new style of karate Isshin-ryu

Compiled by Arcenio J. Advincula Sensei

"Ichariba choodee."
Once we meet and talk, we are brothers and sisters.

     Enbukai means Martial Arts Assembly and it is what we are doing.  We get together once a year and assemble together to practice an show our martial arts together.  While the majority of the senior members are followers of Advincula Sensei, or associates of his, others are students of the senior members or just martial arts practioners who want to train or learn from others.  The founder of our style once said, "All bottles are good" meaning all styles were good.  So we are gathered to practice and train together and show and demonstrate our martial arts together.  While our main theme is isshin-ryu karate and kobudo, Hindiandi, Escrima, and other styles of martial arts are also to be practiced and demonstrated.  The Enbukai is also a friendship gathering so after practice and demonstrations, we will party and eat and drink together.  So have fun, and do your best.  As always, let us honor our founder, Shimabuku Tatsuo, his teachers and the ways of all who came before.

Nuchi-gusui 'Food is medicine of life' ~Okinawan proverb

"Even if we cannot promote friendship between Okinawa and America through karate, my true hope is that if karate becomes popular in the USA and Hawaii, then Okinawa would also become more well understood."

The above excerpt is taken from the OKINAWAN TIMES, March 30, 1960 edition.  It was an interview with Shimabuku Tatsuo Sensei about the U.S. Servicemen training in his dojo in Agena, Okinawa. With this in mind, it is important to understand Okinawan history, traditions, customs and courtesy to better understand their culture.

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