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Isshin-Ryu Kata
Kata are pre-arranged sequence of blocks, kicks,
and punches against an imaginary opponent.

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Embusen - the pattern of kata
Embusen - the pattern of kata

Empty Hand Kata
1. Seisan (十三)
2. Seiunchin (制引戦)
3. Naihanchi (ナイハンチ)
4. Wansu (汪楫)
5. Chinto (鎮闘)
6. Kusanku(公相君)
7. Sunsu (スンスウ)
8. Sanchin (三戦)


Weapons Kata
1.  Kusanku-sai (公相君サイ)
2.  Tokumine-no-kun (徳嶺の棍)
3.  Urashi-bo (浦添棒)
4.  Chatanyara-no-sai (北谷屋良の釵)
5.  Shishi-no-kun(添石の棍 )
6.  Hamahiga-no-tuifa (浜比嘉のトゥイファー)

**Sensei Advincula's Katagwa kata (型グヮー)

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