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Chatanyara-no-sai 北谷屋良の釵

     This kata was also passed down by Taira, who is said to have learned it from Kamiya Jinsei. It was either created by a master called Chatan Yara or based upon his teachings. Yara was, according to Nakamoto (1983), a karateka who lived before Bushi Matsumura (1809-1901), and studied under Kusanku who came from China in 1762. He also states that Yara, who held the title Peichin, lived during the time of King Sho Boku who reigned from 1752-1795, and held a stipend of land in Chatan, where he carried out the last years of his life. This kata can also be found in Inoue's series.

*from The Kobudo of Shimabuku Tatsuo by Joe Swift, 1998


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