Shimabuku Tatsuo no Kumite 島袋龍夫 組手
-- original from A. J. Advincula
--submitted by David "Skipper" Knight

Shimabuku Tatsuo no  kumite are techniques which came from specific kihon, or present Isshin-ryu kata utilizing various karate defenses in a self defense situation. Some of the techniques are also from kata that Shimabuku stopped teaching when he created Isshin-ryu karate. These are

Kumite (組手)
Isshin-ryu Karatedo (一心流空道)
Shimabuku Tatsuo no Kumite (
島袋龍夫 組手)
Goshinjutsu (
art of self-defense

1. a. Left hand hold right wrist
    b. Two hands hold one wrist
    c. Left hand hold right wrist, from outside position
    d. Right hand hold right wrist
    e. Right hand hold right wrist from top

2. a. Outside block, punch inside
    b. Inside block, punch side
    c. Step forward, punch
    d. Shoulder block
    e. Grab arm, elbow

3. a. Punch back of hand
    b. Punch back of hand side
    c. Punch back of hand knuckle

4. a. Knuckle block for kick, counter kick
    b. Cross arm block
    c. Left hand push right leg inside, counter kick
    d. Knee block, kick
    e. Grab leg, grab Adam’s apple, trip, punch

5. a. Hold arm use against punch
    b. Left kick
    c. Right kick
    d. Twist

6. a. One hand hold gi, grab, twist, kick
    b. Two hand hold gi, push kick
    c. Trip two feet kick

7. a. Full nelson, karate cut groin
    b. Full nelson, grab leg, heel kick
    c. Full nelson, grab both legs, karate cut groin
    d. Back neck breaker and choke hold, cut groin

8. a. Bear hug waist, hands free, grab one finger, break and hit back of hand
    b. Bear hug around arms and waist, grab groin
    c. Head lock, grab groin, and one shoulder break
    d. Head lock, knuckles in side
    e. Head lock, jerk shoulders up kick legs out in front

9. a. Devils hand shake, grab your fist, pull, kick
    b. Devils hand shake, twist over, elbow kick

10. a. Two hand straight choke, break, grab Adam’s apple
     b. Cross arm choke, one arm shoulder up between his arms and grab Adams apple
      c. Smother hold, knuckles in side

11. a. Straight stab, grab hand and wrist, twist, kick, trip, kick

12. a. Ice pick stab, block across, kick

13. a. Straight stab, both hands up, karate cut block, kick

14. a. Straight stab leaning forward, grab hand with both of yours, pull, trap at elbow

15. a. Two knife straight stab, squat kick