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Shimabuku's Masters


Chotoku Kyan

Chotoku Kyan was born in Shuri, Okinawa in December 1870 and was the first son of Chofu Kyan. Chofu Kyan had been a descendant of the fourth Ryukyuan king, Shoshi. Kyan (also sometimes pronounced Kiyuabu) was born a frail child, but through his martial arts training he developed into a strong adult and his health improved much. He had begun his training in karate-do at the age of five years old. [moreĽ]



Chojun Miyagi

Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953) is the founder of today's Goju-Ryu karate-do; he was responsible for taking Naha-te and formulating it into a system.  Miyagi was Kanryo Higaonna's most talented and chosen pupil. Miyagi came from a rich family of high esteem, ship-owners who imported -amongst others- medicines from China and supplied these to the royal family, the government and business houses. [moreĽ]


Choki Motobu

In his youth Choki Motobu, having been born in an aristocratic family, was constantly getting in trouble, and fights, more from the expectation of being treated with respect, that was not forthcoming, than from any inherent meanness.  There are those who say that Choki was crazy, mean spirited, and a belligerent fighter, and yet among those who knew him well, he was a refined gentleman, with good manners, and a quiet but humorous nature. [moreĽ]


Taira Shinken

Taira Shinken was born Maezato Shinken on the 12th June 1897, in the village of Nakazato'on the island of Kumejima. Officially recorded as Maezato Shinken, he often used his mother's maiden name 'Taira'. He graduated from Nakazato Elementary school and later worked at a mine in Minami Jima. It was during his days working in the mine that Taira Shinken life was dramatically changed. [moreĽ]

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