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"Tode" Sakugawa

"Tode" Sakugawa

     The mysterious Koshokun of a Chinese envoy settled in Okinawa for some time. His most famous student was Satunuku "Tode" Sakugawa (1733-1815). It is believed Sakugawa became a student of Koshokun in 1756. Sakugawa was a student of Takahara Peichin (1683-1760) (Peichin is a title of status) until the arrival of Koshokun in Okinawa. At that time Sakugawa was granted permission from Takahara Peichin to train under Koshokun.

     Sakagawa traveled to China with Koshokun to study Kempo. He returned to Okinawa in 1762 to introduce this fighting method. Before long Sakugawa was considered an expert in the Chinese hand fighting method. It is said that Sakugawa was awarded the title of Satonushi for his services to the Okinawa King.

     Sakugawa soon started to teach the Chinese hand in Okinawa. Combining what both his teachers had taught him, he structured a training system. This made him the first Okinawan teacher of Tode. Many of his students rose to greatness. Among them were Chokun Satunku Makabe, Satunuku Ukuda, Ch. Matsumoto, Kojo, Yamaguchi ("Bushi" Sakumoto), Unsume, and Sokon ”Bushi” Matsumura.



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