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Isshin-Ryu Techniques
Basic Warm-ups | Upper Body | Lower Body | Stances
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kihon waza is what it implies basics and the physical aspect of techniques at first, until we learn principles and form skill......kenpo gokui or gokui if you prefer are not just basic principles or techniques like punch, kick, block.......its has to do with the development of man.....what the Chinese call the Tao of man....

Richard Ruberto - Rokudan

Basic Warm-Up Exercises

1) Toe Touch Stretch
2) Standing Leg Stretch
3) Squatting Leg Stretch
4) Front Kick
5) Kick 45 Degree Angle To Knee
6) Cross Over Stomp Kick
7) Side Kick Edge of Foot
8) Side kick ball of foot
9) Squat kick
10) Back kick
11) Grabbing double hold front heel kick
12) Knee Strike Kick
13) Push ups and Jump Ups
14) Body Twist
15) Breathing Exercises

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Upper Body
Te no bu “Hand part”

1) RFF - RH lunge punch to solar plexus
2) RFF - RH lunge uppercut to bridge of nose or chin
3) LFF - RH reverse punch to solar plexus
4) LFF - RH reverse uppercut to bridge of nose or chin
5) RFB -LH upper block - RH reverse punch to solar plexus
6) RFB- LH middle block - RH reverse punch to solar plexus
7) RFB -LH low block - RH reverse punch to solar plexus
8) RFB -LH open hand upper block - RH reverse uppercut
10) RFB LH Low chop - RH upper chop
11) RFB LH upper block - 5 punches
12) RFB LH middle block - 5 punches
13) RFB LH upper block - 5 punches
14) RFB LH back-fist strike face - RH reverse punch to solar plexus
14) RFB LH Middle palm heel block, Double round house punches
15) Bear hug break (R hip back hit groin, L-elbow up -R-elbow strike back

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KOTEKITAI forearm conditioning training
Three set:
1) Punch and chop
2) Punch, block, chop
3) Kake-uke (hook block) pushing hands

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Hand Techniques







Lower Body
Geri Waza (Kicking techniques)

  1. Front snap kick
  2. Forward Angle Kick
  3. Cross heel stomp
  4. Side kick
  5. Front snap kick from cat stance
  6. Squat kick
  7. Front heel thrust
  8. Knee strike
  9. Back kick

Lower Body Techniques









  1. Seisan-dachi
  2. Sanchin-dachi
  3. Seiunchin-dachi
  4. Naihanchin-dachi
  5. Chinto-dachi
  6. Cat stance
  7. Reverse Cat
  8. "T" stance
  9. Wansu-dachi
  10. Diagonal Seisan
  11. Zenkutsu-dachi

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