Isshin-Ryu Techniques


kihon waza is what it implies basics and the physical aspect of techniques at first, until we learn principles and form skill......kenpo gokui or gokui if you prefer are not just basic principles or techniques like punch, kick, block.......its has to do with the development of man.....what the Chinese call the Tao of man....

Richard Ruberto - Rokudan

Basic Warm-Up Exercises

  1. Side twist with kick
  2. Open leg floor touch
  3. Palm touch
  4. Leg squats
  5. Leg stretches - - side to side
  6. Leg stretches - - overhead
  7. Leg stretches - - side
  8. Elbow smashes
  9. Stalking squat
  10. Sit-ups
  11. Push-ups
  12. Breathing exercises

Upper Body

Tsuki Waza (Punching techniques)

  1. Straight punch (Seiken oi tsuki)
  2. Upper cut (Jodan oi tsuki)
  3. Reverse punch (Seiken gyak tsuki)
  4. Reverse upper cut (Jodan gyak tsuki)
  5. Low block/straight punch (Gedan barai/seiken gyak tsuki)
  6. Middle block/straight punch (Chudan uke/seiken gyak tsuki)
  7. Open hand block/fingertip strike (Tegata barai/nukite)
  8. Open hand upper block/upper cut (Jodan tegata uke/jodan gyak tsuke)
  9. Upper block/Straight punch (Jodan uke/seiken gyak tsuki)
  10. Upper block/back fist/straight punch (Ura uchi/seiken gyak tsuki)
  11. Low block/5 straight punches (Gedan barai/go den joku tsuki)
  12. Middle block/5 straight punches (Chudan uke/go den joku tsuki)
  13. Low knife hand strike/knife hand strike (Shuto uchi) 
  14. Palm heel deflection/ 2 roundhouse punches (O-uchi)
  15. Step back/elbow strike (Hije no ato tsuki)

Uke Waza (Blocking techniques)

  1. Block--uke
  2. Palm-heel block--teisho-uke
  3. Bottom fist block--tettsui-uke
  4. Middle block--chudan-uke
  5. Open hand block (sweep)--tegata barai
  6. Rising block (forearm)--jodan uke
  7. Downward block (sweep)--gedan barai
  8. X block--ju-ji-uke
Uchi Waza (Striking techniques)

  1. Knife hand strike--shuto-uchi
  2. Bottom fist strike--tettsui-uchi
  3. Palm heel strike--teisho-uchi
  4. Back fist strike--uraken-uchi
  5. Ridge hand--haito

Hiji Waza (Elbow techniques)

  1. Front elbow strike--mae-hiji-uchi
  2. Side elbow strike--yoko-hiji-uchi
  3. Back elbow strike--ushiro-hiji-uchi
  4. Rising elbow strike--jodan-hiji-uchi
  5. Downward elbow strike--gedan-hiji-uchi
  6. Round back elbow strike--ma washi-hiji-uchi

Lower Body

Geri Waza (Kicking techniques)

  1. Front snap kick to the groin
  2. 45 Blade kick to knee cap
  3. Cross over heel stomp kick to knee
  4. Side blade kick to solar plexus
  5. Front snap kick from cat stance
  6. Squat to side, front kick to the groin
  7. Front heel thrust kick to solar plexus
  8. Knee smash to the groin
  9. Back kick to solar plexus



  1. Seisan-dachi
  2. Sanchin-dachi
  3. Soto-hachi-ji-dachi
  4. Uchi-hachi-ji-dachi
  5. Neko-dachi
  6. Tsuru-no-iwa-dachi
  7. Musubi-dachi
  8. Heisoku-dachi
  9. Heiko-dachi
  10. Teiju-dachi
  11. Zenkutsu-dachi