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Okinawan Weapons




An interesting weapon that is not often seen in Japan proper, the Nunti, or Nunte, is also known formally as a Nuntesu. It is a type of Sai with points, or tips, on both ends, rather than a handle. In addition, one of the tines is reversed, so that their is a sort of "double sai" effect.

To many, the Manji-sai is really a regularly handled sai, with one tine reversed. Regardless, Taira is credited with developing the Jigen no sai kata for the Nuntesu. Other Nunti, or Nuntesu, kata can be traced to the Uhugushiku (gate guard) and Kanagushiku Sanda traditions.

One of the more unique aspects of the Nunte is that it is often attached to a Bo, and made in to a composite weapon called the Nuntebo (nunte-staff). This was supposedly accomplished by those who spent most of their time in and around the docks and marshes of Tomari. Used as a boat tool, the Nunte spear may actually have been a functional device in the harbor areas of Okinawa. Practice consists of the Tsuken Nuntebo, Matayoshi Nuntebo, Uhugushiku no Nuntebo or by adapting a Bo form such as Choun no kon to the peculiarities of this composite device.


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