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Okinawan Weapons




Legally the most controversial of the Ryukyu weapons the Tekko is the smallest weapon, bringing the exponent closest to open hand techniques. The term 'knuckle duster' creates images of darker methods of fighting but in actuality attacks clearly defined points vulnerable to the taste of metal. The Tekko should be made to the width of the hand with anything between one and three protruding points on the knuckle front with protruding points at the top and the bottom of the knuckle. They can be made of any hard material but are predominately found in aluminum, iron, steel, or wood.

Due to the size of the Tekko the techniques are of the open hand family. The kumite focus on attacking the bony areas of the body such as the wrist, elbow, collar bone, ribs, and ankle. On impact this slows done the opponent drastically and allows for the quick changes of angle and height so apparent when studying Tekko. Gripping techniques prior to and at the time of 'Zanshin' teach the exponent the emphasis on pressure points, which the Tekko takes great advantage of due to its structure. Muscle and bone have to succumb to its efficient design and usage. This weapon is undoubtedly not a farming implement and was clearly design for the purposes of combat.


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