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Miyagi Chojun
Historical Outline of Karate-do translated by Sanzinsoo
Breathing In and Out in Accordance with "Go" and "Ju" translated by Sanzinsoo
Karate-do Gairyaku (General Explanation of Karate)
translated by Toshio Tamano
Anko Itosu
Ten Lessons of To-te
Gichin Funakoshi
The Twenty Precepts
Jigoro Kano
The Contribution of Judo to Education
Sherman Harrill
First Generation Student Speaks Out
AJA: A.J. Advincula
Commemorating Tatsuo's 97th [09-19-2005]
The Most Important Thing I Learned From My Instructors
Commemorating Tatsuo's 96th [09-19-2004]
Tatsuo would be 91
How do the Codes of Karate Relate to the War in Iraq?
Literal Translation of "Sunsu"
Response to the Isshin-Ryu System
Shimabuku Sensei's Rank
"Intangible Cultural Asset"
Importance of Sanchin
"Embusen" the line and path of Isshin-ryu kata
“The "gokui" are contained within the kata.” --- Ciso
Who, the what, and the why
Loi Miranda Escrimador Guro
Response to question about Kusanku Sai
The Mysteries of Isshin-ryu Black Belt Magazine, April, 1986
1987 Co-Instructor of the Year  Black Belt Magazine, 1997
Guru's teaching inspired Commandant's martial arts program USMC
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
Interview with Shinsho Shimabuku - April 15, 1999 Okinawa Part1
Interview with Tatsuo Shimabuku Students - December 24, 1984
Robert Safreed
The Mystery of Chinkuchi - The Secret Power of Isshin-ryu Karate's Tatsuo
Shimabuku, Black Belt Magazine, December 1987
The Knife Fighting Tactics of the US Marine Corps: Grips, Stances and Targets
The Okinawan Tuifa, Karate/Kung-Fu Illustrated, November 1988 (featuring A.J. Advincula on the cover)
Joe Swift
The Kata of Okinawa Isshinryu Karate-do:
An Informal Discussion on their Possible Origin
The Kobudo of Shimabuku Tatsuo, 1998
Victor Smith
Isshinryu's Heart and Soul - Seisan Kata
Don Bohan
Ippon Kumite
Yakusoku Kumite
Nolan Webb
A Tale of Two Cities
Mississippi Fighting History - Sullican/Kilrain Fight c. 1889
Collection of Zen Koans
The Seven Tenets of Bushido


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